Security services for legal entities

Do you ever think about company property’s stable safety and security?
EVORS Group Security Company provides its clients with service of technical and physical security. This service is available for different objects with varying complexity. In our everyday work, we are not only responsible for our customer’s property’s safety through the full control of clients objects, but at the same time, we also ensure the safety of our client’s officers, by the use of the panic button, video surveillance, access control, and other options. The complex approach allows us to form individual technical and price solutions for each client case.

Commercial and governmental real estate security service

A security emergency can do significant harm to an office building’s reputation. On that, to our legal entities clients, EVORS Group security company offers the most correct combination of security officers, all risk consultation, 24/7 technical security, and state-of-the-art technology and systems. This approach allows effectively ensures object safety, and prevents access to unwelcome persons.

Technical security – is a combination of modern state-of-art-technology’s which takes into account the particular nature of each secured object and split-second reaction on all alarms and any emergency incidents.

Physical security – when it comes to safety it much about where it’s from and who is for. We are not the most smart-casual security company, but we certainly know our clients’ needs, and the willingness of our security officers to solve any crisis situation. We highly appreciate a few well-chosen security officers on our team. All our team members are state-certified and professionally prepared

To our customers we guaranty most optimal price for our cervices. Contact us right now and get a best price offer!

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Security services for shopping centers

In our work, we serve all types of retail and shopping centers in the whole territory of Latvia. All store visitors and workers are prone to theft and need security service. By choosing our company your will be shores in you’re: property, goods, clients, staff and financial funds safety. Our services totally correspond to all state regulations and requirements.

In EVORS Group we provide our customers with:

1. Technical security which includes video surveillance and panic buttons.
2. Ultra-rapid response of our security officers unit for the shortest time.
3. Choice of individual schedule of physical security on objects.

Please note, when connected with several objects, our customers always receive a discount and individual tariff plan!

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Security service-for Banking and financial sector

High cash concentration has always been an object of increased interest from the side of criminal elements. In our days the riskiest objects are banks, credit organizations, currency exchange offices, and incrassation.

In our daily work, the EVORS group has sufficient experience in the organization of complex and at the same time coherent security service work in financial and banking clients’ objects.

Our company’s certified security officers will provide you with: reliable law and order in all premises of your company, as well as safe forwarding of transported material values. In its turn the security control center will react timely and will implement control over all objects.

We guarantee to our clients: qualitative security service, confidentiality and calm! Contact us right now and get a best price offer!  

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Security service for cargo forwarders

Valuable cargo on the way is like a ship at sea may face problems. Carrying out such cargo without a secured escort, you are putting at risk not only your valuables but also the lives of drivers. That’s why we can openly say, that the escort and protection of goods during the transportation is extremely necessary.

Secured cargo service escort includes itself:

1. Cargo security service which includes the full range of necessary security measures to ensure the security of the goods being transported.
2. GPS control of behind the movement of transport and provision of the escort of goods from starting to the delivery point.
3. Reports on progress made.

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Fire safety of your company

Fire and pungent smoke are the biggest enemies of your property, the health of the lives of your employees. You can maximally protect your property from thieves, but even small ignition can cause huge damage to your property. Working with “EVORS Group” company you can shore in our safety and quality of reaction of our fully integrated into your house security system fire alarm acquirement.

Fire and technical expertise of the property are carried us as follows:

1. The concept of fore safety is developed;
2. Potential risk is estimated;
3. Conclusion is drawn on the possibility of property compliance with all requirements.
4. Fire safety plan is developed;
5. Economic costs for a particular property are calculated.

It is important to know that we do not leave our clients “face to face” with fire-fighting systems, but conduct their regular diagnostics and maintenance. This ensures sustainable, flawless operation of the equipment and maximum protection against fire!  

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