Physical security

Modern security technologies allow you to trust your object safety to technical devices with ultra-fast reaction and control options; however, there are cases, when it is better to complete it with professional and verified physical security.

“EVORS Group” security officers will provide reliable protections to secure you’re: shop, company, warehouse, or any other commercial object.

By entrusting “EVROS Group” security companies your property safety you will receive:

1. Organization of permit regime:
2. Qualitative patrolling of objects, territories, perimeters. In our work we use of Acti-guard system:
3. Ensuring property and transport security and safety:
4. Security of Public order on the object.
5. Personal immunity of your officers.
6. Panic buttons and the ultrafast reaction of security officers on any alarm.

In physical security work we use:

1. Certified and professionally prepared security officers.
2. Communication devices: radio, independent repeater network, mobile phones;
3. Panic buttons, security cameras, alarm, and access control systems, control bypass system – Active Guard.
4. Means of restraint: handcuffs, rubber sticks, body armor, tear gas.

In complex situations, our prepared security officers will take the most correct decisions and prevent any crime. Our team core competence makes it possible to prevent any security problem.

Security Company “EVORS Group” will provide your property with reliable security!

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