Security services for individuals

Unfortunately, all of us start to think about the security of belonging to us property’s objects only after facing the unpleasant incident for example theft or fire. We urge our clients to play it safe but to use EVORS Group experience and security service for individuals. So don’t wait for an unpleasant incident and take care of your property and family safety beforehand.

Security of your property

Buying a house or new flat is a major financial decision, for every family. If you have plans to buy a new property with a substantial investment of money, it’s the most correct time to think about the security of it.

EVORS Group security service activation is a smart investment into your prosperity and family security. We offer our clients universal and proven technical solutions for objects with varying complexity. Our team members are always ready to help you with qualitative consultation regarding optimal security solutions for your object. We will offer the most suitable financial proposal without damage to the quality of our security service level.

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EVORS Group additional service – SMS security.

Do you want to get added assurance in your house safety and keep situation under personal control?
To all our clients we offer to to take advantage of “SMS –security” technical security solution.

“SMS –security” will allow you to literally be aware of all the incidents occurring in your home. Violation of integrity of the perimeter, window damage and undesired activity- you will know about everything through SMS notifications on your smart phone.

No matter where you are: at work, vocation or business trip, your house will be always under the reliable security of our officers.  

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Fire safety of your home

Fire and pungent smoke are the biggest enemies of your property, the health of the lives of your family members. You can maximally protect your property from thieves, but even small ignition can cause huge damage to your home.

Working with “EVORS Group” company you can shore in our safety and quality of reaction of our fully integrated into your house security system fire alarm acquirement.

Fire and technical expertise of the property are carried us as follows:

1. The concept of fore safety is developed;
2. Potential risk is estimated;
3. Conclusion is drawn on the possibility of property compliance with all requirements.
4. Fire safety plan is developed;
5. Economic costs for a particular property are calculated.

It is important to know that we do not leave our clients “face to face” with fire-fighting systems, but conduct their regular diagnostics and maintenance. This ensures sustainable, flawless operation of the equipment and maximum protection against fire!  

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