Security of offices

Unwelcome comers will not visit you

Security company EVORS Group offers combined solutions of security systems for your properties, which consist of physical security and technical security service. Such solution allows to ensure most effectively the security of the property and prevent uncontrolled access of third parties to the territory of the property.

Physical security of the property is carried out by professional staff of EVORS Group, who have completed special training courses and are able to quickly make the right decisions in any emergency situations.

Technical security service includes the following set of tools:

  • Wired and wireless security equipment (around the perimeter and locally)
  • Video surveillance systems with recording function
  • Motion monitoring sensors
  • Professional video surveillance systems with recording function
  • Rapid alert systems
  • Alarm buttons
  • Operative communication systems
  • Information security tools

Since each business property is unique, its security is developed according to an individual plan.

We take into account not only the characteristics of the premises – designing, number of employees, availability of equipment and technics, its arrangement, - but also all specificity of the property as a whole.

At your desire we will quickly install an access control system, as well as employee time tracking system with the ability to control the access of each employee. When required, we can also restrict the access, making it impossible for separate employees to stay in specific areas.

Security service from EVORS Group is our job for your quietness!