Fire security

Without smoke and fire

You can maximally protect your property from thieves, but even a small fire can cause huge losses and emotional distress. That is why the security company EVORS Group always recommends to install fire safety package.

We work only with trusted and well-known in the market, world's major manufacturers of firefighting equipment.

Fire and technical expertise of the property is carried out as follows:

  • the concept of fire safety is developed;
  • potential risk are estimated
  • conclusion is drawn on the possibility of property compliance with all requirements;
  • fire safety plan is developed;
  • economic costs for a particular property are calculated.

We seek the maximum efficiency of fire alarm operation. The proof of this are dozens of well-designed systems on commercial properties of various types: in stores, trade pavilions, casinos, bars, restaurants, business centers, warehouses, etc.

It is important to know that we do not leave our clients “face to face” with fire-fighting systems, but conduct their regular diagnostics and maintenance. This ensures sustainable, flawless operation of the equipment and maximum protection against fire.

You will be confident in the safety of your property with us!