SMS security

Have finger on the pulse

Do you want to gain more confidence in the sanctity of your home? Connect to “SMS security” service from the security company EVORS Group – it is easy, convenient and relatively not expensive.

“SMS alert” literally enables to “have finger on the pulse” of the home and receive notification about the operation of any of the sensors of the security alarm system. Violation of integrity of the perimeter, window damage, fumigation, undesired activity - you will know about everything through SMS notifications on your mobile phone.

The text message will describe the occurred situation, on the basis of which you can make the right decision.

Perhaps you should just ask the neighbor to make sure that all's well with your home. Or, you can come and do it yourself. If this is not possible, you can always call the coach of security company EVORS Group

“SMS alert” is a perfect solution with respect to the feelings for your property.