Bodyguard services

As safe as a church

Generally, the criminal situation in Latvia is not intricate. But even here, there are occasions when a person needs personal bodyguard.

Physical security is needed not only to protect against criminals - it allows to effectively deal with annoying personalities. Personal bodyguard might be a good support in the business world and will accompany you during deals.

The employees of EVORS Group are ready to take care of you in any situation.

Our pckage of services includes:

  • Constant customer support
  • Control of the client via GPS device
  • Analysis of the environment
  • Access restriction for unauthorized persons
  • Composing safe routes
  • Preliminary survey of attended places
  • Prevention of emergency situations
  • Prompt response group call
  • All bodyguards of EVORS Group have military weapons, tools of special communication and individual protection.

We work only with genuine profs. We repeatedly test each of them for decency, incorruptibility, resistance to stress, physical training, reaction and special skills.

The bodyguards of EVORS Group are the guarantee of your and your kids’ security!