For the public sector

It is important to remember, that the state organization does not differ from the office, where tens or hundreds of people are visiting daily. Is difficult to estimate the accident on such important object only from the financial side. Even a small misstep in the security system can lead to cultural damage, disclosure of confidential information and threat to tmployees’ life and health.

Therefore, it is necessary to trust the security of state organizations to proven professional security companies.

Why it is worth to contact the security company “EVORS Group”

  • We provide round-the-clock monitoring of the institution, ensuring rapid response to any emergency situation.
  • Our security company uses only proven technical equipment, capable to ensure maximum safety of people's health and life and safety of valuable properties.
  • We offer our customers the best prices and fully guarantee the execution of all contractual obligations.
  • Due to the high level training and professionalism of our employees, the service quality of the security company “EVORS Group” is at the highest level.
  • We fully take care of organizing the protection of state institution and control over the employees in fulfillment of their duties.
  • We offer individual and flexible conditions of cooperation for each organization.
  • We combine in the best possible way security equipment with physical security.