For the ports

“Security of ships and port facilities” program

According to the KM Terms of №128 “Security policies for protection of ships, ports and port facilities”, our company offers services, arising out from mandatory requirements, that should be respected according to ISPS Code by all organizations and enterprises that are located in ports’ area. Our company received a Certificate of recognized security organization, which issues Latvian Maritime Administration and gives us the right to offer such services.

“EVORS Group” offers the following new services:

Security of ports and port facilities:

  • Preparation of the plan for port security or a port facility
  • Conducting activities that are approved in the plan for port security or a port facility

“EVORS Group” company has concluded an authority agreement with Latvian Maritime Administration.

For many years “EVORS Group” already participates in training and exchange programs, that are associated with conducting various activities for the security in the prots, ships and port facilities. A strong partnership is created with Control Department of Latvian Maritime Administration on conducting various activities for the security, as prescribed by approved requirements and norms.