For the financial sector

Security for the financial sector is necessary like for anyone else, since material values forced people at all times to commit crimes. Therefore, transportation of valuables and money resources is the responsibility of professionals who are armed, equipped with modern tools of communications and individual protection. The preparedness of specialists, movement speed and the reliability of technological infrastructure are important factors here. All this offers the security company “EVORS Group”.

The encashment service includes the following:

  • Specially trained equipage;
  • Modern equipment, safety equipment and defensive tool;
  • Armored special purpose vehicles with the service of portable safe and all equipment necessry for a safe and secure transportation of valuables and money resources;
  • Fast and safe delivery of token money to the place of destination (to marketplaces, booking offices and banks) at a convenient time and on agreed schedule;
  • Storage of valuables in safe depositories;
  • Converting money at the most favorable rate and their processing;
  • Courier services.

Security firm “EVORS Group”carries full financial responsibility for money resources, with which you have to work, and ensures non-disclosure of confidential information and trade secrets. Our encashment service is a high reliability and complete safety of your material values.