For carriers

Valuable cargo on the road is like a ship at sea - unexpected dangers could happen to it. Carrying such cargo without convoy you are risking not only your valuables but also the life of drivers, passengers and forwarders. Therefore we can safely assert that convoy and cargo protection is imperative.

The service of cargo convoy and protection includes

We offer services for the protection of cargoes, which includes full range of necessary measures to ensure the safety of transportable objects.

  • We develop optimal traffic route considering features of the cargo and delivery time.
  • Inspect and accept the cargo, drawing up a statement of exterior check.
  • Control the movement of transport means and provide convoy of cargoes from the point of receipt to the delivery point.
  • Remove the object's protection and provide the report on the done journey.

Why it is worth to contact the security company “EVORS Group”

  • Convoy and protection of cargoes is carried out by experienced specialists, who have received special training, and are capable to respond quickly in the most abnormal situations and act decisively and competently.
  • The group of guards is equipped with impact munitions and radio connection.
  • We provide reliable protection of cargo, regardless of its quantity, composition and current situation.
  • We ensure the privacy of all information on the transported cargo.
  • We ensure full compliance with safety procedures.