About the company

“EVORS Group” is not just our name. It is our emblem which is a symbol of your security. One of the core values of the security company “EVORS Group” is the professional team.

Our mission

We do not just fulfil our contractual obligations, but stand sentinel over your security. All our efforts are directed towards saving your property and protecting you against any danger.

Our success lies in the continuous technological improvement and professional development. Each of us is aware of the high level of customer trust and takes full responsibility for the results of their work. All this allows us to make the world around each of our customers safe and comfortable.

Our strategy

Our strategy is aimed at creating mutually beneficial conditions for clients who are interested in working with us.

Principles of our work

  • High level of expertise of employees;
  • Economic efficiency;
  • Strict discipline;
  • Individual approach to every client.



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